When do you transit from bottle to sippy cup?

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I got my son a sippy cup and let him try just for fun when he was exactly 6 months old - no reason, just wanted to see how he'd use it and to my surprise, he got it figured out! Although he lost interest after a few minutes... so everyday since then I'd let him have his sippy cup filled with warm boiled water to have after he eats his solid. It's good practise I guess and he doesn't seem to be confuse with his normal milk botte either.

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Instead of a sippy cup, you may want to consider the Reflo cup. It looks like a standard cup, but with an insert to control the flow of water so your child learns how to drink from a cup without having to do another transition from sippy cup to cup. Any child who is old enough to use a sippy cup may start using the reflo cup. http://www.reflo.net/

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