Hi mummies care to share with me other then milk bottle drinking milk is there any option like example sippy cup,straw cup etc...to recommend,thank you?

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My girl rejected her bottle at about 10 months old. Since then I've been spoon feeding her milk. She didn't know how to suck from a straw then. It's hard to suck from those no spill straw cups so if your LO hasn't got the strength then you can consider drinking straight from a cup first. My girl eventually learnt to suck from a straw. I found the Richell straw cup quite good for learning to suck from a straw. It has a button on the cover for you to press. The pressure forces the liquid up the straw. It teaches the kid the idea of using a straw.

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Hey Karen no worries at all. Actually, I latch him on whenever I can. But if I need another option, only way is via spoon. Sometimes he won't drink either, can tarhan the whole day. That is because he comfort feeds and Colsleep with me throughout the night.

Straw cup or the non spill sippy cup. For me by boy refuses any milk bottles. He is also unable to drink from a straw or sippy cup. So I ended up having to spoon feed my ebm.

5y ago

hi ling,thanks for sharing with me,it must be quite tiring for you,may I check with you how long does you spoon feed your boy...

Thanks elisia,my boy also drinking from spoon doesn't like to have bottle😣,may I know where can I purchase the richell straw cup from?

Straw cup. Transited my girl from direct latch to straw cup to drink her milk. (Any straw cup is fine with her)

My 1 year old is drinking bm from a straw straight from the bm storage bag, chilled, fresh out of the fridge.

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Straw cup n non spill cup u may can try .. I am using the same

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Straw cup! I use Pigeon Mag Mag for my boy who refuse milk bottles.

5y ago

thanks jorelle😊