breast lump after pregnancy

Hi Momies, I am a new mom , delivered baby 10 days back. They gave me tablets for milk production without checking my milk supply on day 1 and on day 2 they realised there is engorgement and big lumps in both breast. Now because of that i could not teach latching to my baby and he is on bottle feed. Its been 10 days , doing hot compression, massage, breast pumping and sometimes manual extraction with hands but still feel some big lumps are there. My whole day is gng into this process and not getting time to make bond with baby. Now he is not latching, may be due to short nipple or hard breast. I am very much tired and frustrated , please help.

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It could be the clogged ducts that causes the lumps but im not too sure. Frm my experience, it does takes a few days for the lumps fom the clogged ducts to gradually go away with regular massaging, alternating btwn hot (before pumping) and cold compress(after pumping) and regular pumping. I wasnt able to latch baby as well, so i just pump exclusively. If it doesnt go away lr gets worst, perhaps u can go to the doctor.

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Dont blame urself dear. It is still possible to build bond thru bottle feeding too, not necc have to be breastfeeding. Aim is to have a content and happy baby regardless of the feeding method. Happy baby, happy mummy.

Hey mama, I went through a very down period for close to 2 months because breastfeeding was tough. I had mastitis twice and it felt all I did was sit and nurse and hot compress and cold compress all day. All of these will pass, take care of yourself first. If you can pump, pump so you can get some rest.

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2y ago

I heard cabbage reduces milk production..did you try lecithin ? I recently heard about this, thinking to try out

You can try lactation consultant, they can advice you on how to let your baby latch (will take a few sessions). They also will help you to clear your lumps. Dont let it gather for too long. It will worsen over time.

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Dont be so hard on yourself. The latching and bonding can come later.


Sounds like a blocked duct..

2y ago

Pump more? Essentially gotta empty the boob of milk! Try pressing that area while you pump or hand express. :)