Do you pay your mil or mum if they help you during confinement?

My mil is a Malaysian, my husband is thinking of asking my mil over to Singapore to cook for me during confinement and also look after my baby. My mil is so far a nice mil, so far I have no complaints about her but maybe it’s because we don’t stay together so I don’t know what may happen if she comes over to help. My mum has work + she’s quite an absent minded person, so I don’t feel safe making her help me out. Just wondering.. If my mil were to come over all the way from Malaysia to Singapore and help me for a month, how much should I give her? My husband suggests $2000, which I felt it is a bit too much when this is my own mil. I was thinking of giving $1000 for a month of help but I’m not sure if my mum will ask to help too if she knows she can earn such money from me. Any thoughts?

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my in laws paid for my confinement lady

I agree that 1k is good enuff.

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I think $800 to $1000 is fine

$1000 should be enough

If you can afford it

Nope. Not a dime