Is gender associated with how bad your nausea is?

Any mama with morning sickness (accompanied with 1-2 puking a day) and pregnant with baby boy? ?

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If you have extreme morning sickness or all day sickness.. usually they say you’re having a girl though. I don’t know, different people have different experience. I had a girl, and my all day sickness send me to the hospital thrice cause I couldn’t eat at all, I can’t even get up or walk. I’m pregnant with my second and there’s still nausea but not as worst as the first one. I’ve left with 1 month before knowing the gender.

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I had a baby boy and I had horrible morning sickness, horrible smell and taste aversions, basically it was a tough pregnancy journey i feel. I kinda wanna believe its gender associated too, but then again each women carrying diff genders is diff and no 2 pregnancies are the same. Guess it could just be a myth.

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Don’t think so. I think it depends on how your body is tolerating the pregnancy given the surge in hormones. Am expecting a baby boy and have not experienced nausea or vomiting at all throughout my pregnancy.

For me, i had no morning sickness and had a girl. My sil on d other hand had veryyy bad morning sickness and she got a girl.

Doubt so. I’m expecting a baby boy and I didn’t experience any morning sickness

I had 3 boys with no morning sickness. 2 girls with morning sickness and puking

I had bad morning sickness and I'm expecting a girl!

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I think so. Cause my first 2 not that bad

no morning sickness and got a boy

Fortunately not true for my wife.