Pregnant with NO Morning Sickness?

When I was pregnant with my first girl, my morning sickness (more like all day sickness) kicked in very early. It was before I knew I was pregnant... But now... with my second I have no morning sickness. Just tired but no nausea no vomiting... I just feel more hungry that’s all. Normal?

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I don't have morning sickness too! But my hubby initially does.. Dats how we suspect I'm preg.. 😅 I'm 37wks now..

Definitely normal! I have no morning sickness or vomiting till date, and I'm 30 weeks. Enjoy it! :)

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yeah... differs not only from mommies to mommies but with each baby as well

Yup normal! Have no morning sickness or nausea. And now in my 24th week.

Yes very normal . I have no morning sickness as well on my 29 weeks now.

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Yes very normal. I had no morning sickness too and am grateful

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yes its normal! i dont have morning sickness for two baby

Normal for me! I had no morning sickness through out

15week now, still have sickness for whole day

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Yes. Definitely normal. I dont have it too.