LO Cries When I carry But Not When Others Carry

My LO Cries murder whenever I carry her when she wake up prematurely from her nap and will put her hand to mouth and make hungry face. Once my mil take over however she always quieten down instantly and dozes off immediately. Makes me v frustrated as I just can't put her back to sleep n need my mil to help but my mil is only helping out temporarily. Is it because I have the milk smell that's causing her to always want milk when with me? I feel like she only associates me with milk and nothing else. I don't latch her but bottle feed ebm.

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My mil can just talk to her and pat her, sometimes don't even need to carry, and she will go back n sleep while if it's me she yell even louder. Very frustrating as I can only quieten her down with milk and my mil will say that she wants to sleep not always drink milk and that I don't know how to read her cues and talk to her to calm her down. 🙄

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I feel you! My LO stops crying when my helper and mil carry her. It’s upsetting but at least she finds comfort somewhere else. So I kept telling myself it will pass soon!

I have the exact same problem and I also give ebm! Except it’s not the mil but the nanny. I also keep wondering why.

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Perhaps you are just feeling tensed, relax...babies can sense this things...