Growth Spurt Hungry Baby?

My LO is 2 weeks old and on formula. We are feeding every 3 hrs but sometimes in the night she gets fussy. After an hour from her 7.30pm feed, she makes cues that seems to look like she's still hungry. My nanny will give an addition 15ml. Any mummies experience the same thing? Is it a growth Spurt?

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Just feed on demand as your lo is only 2 weeks old :) mine was every 2 hours and till now she's alr 2 months+, she still wants milk every 2 hours despite higher intake of formula alr.

could be growth spurt. i asked pd abt it during her checkup before bc my baby used to ask for milk again after an hour , she said just feed on demand

2 hourly. My LO now 3weeks still 2hourly. We tried to increase and drag longer but can't finish and ask for milk another hour.

When he is 2 weeks old I fed him every 2hrs cause I think he is still young maybe 3hrs is quite long for him

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It's okay. My baby was the same. Sometimes they just need to suck on something to sleep

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Yes. Especially the feed before sleeping they will try to cluster feed.

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Don't worry. Just feed on demand.

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Should feed when hungry