Swimming pool for newborn

My lo is 2 months. Husband and I planning to staycay in hotel with in room pool. Is it safe for my lo to swim in the pool (assisted). Is the pool water safe for babies?

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Personally, anytime before 6mo I won’t want to. Babies could possibly only manage 10-20 mins in the pool. It won’t be worth the hassle. If you are going for a staycation and wish to have some water play with your lo, why not find one with a bath tub? That way, you can control the water temp and it’s cleaner n safer than chlorine treated water.

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Swimming is OK but I would be more wary about about the pool water. Adult pools usually are very cold for babies plus it's dirty and full of chlorine. Definitely not good for such a young baby especially if they accidentally swallow. If you can find a warm pool with clean water specifically made for babies then why not.

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I find tht hotel and condo pool water usually contain less chlorine compared to public pool so it shld be less damaging to baby's skin. If still worried, bath ur baby immediately after the swim and dont let him stay too long inside water


I would be wary of the cleanliness of the pool as many other people have used it and it not built specifically for babies. Plus your Lo is still so young and immune system is not yet fully developed. So no. I would not recommend it.

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I think would be fine but not to swim or play too long in the pool. Also, Just make sure safe and take good care your baby.

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I wouldn't though. Maybe at most put on a big float and avoid direct contact with the water.

Best not to let lo swim. Easy to catch cold between hot and cold environment

Hi, Your baby is too small to play in a pool. Please take care :)

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Hi... nope. your baby is too young to play in the pool.