Hi... Where can I get cheaper swim diapers in Singapore ? We r planning to have fun at swimming pool with my 11 months old baby....

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Buy those reusable swim diapers like this, http://www.pupsikstudio.com/swim-diaper-training-pants-charlie-banana.html There is many brands, you will save a lot from it, if always go for swimming.

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Try carousell? Else you can look for sales at Mothercare or departmental stores like John little, metro, bhg and Robinson. They do have good discount on baby items.

can try reusable one if you intend to bring your lo to swim often if not disposable one are expensive as far as I know maybe can try Qoo1o, carousell and shoppee.

I bought washable ones from Moomookow as they are more economical in the long run and the best thing is that they are adjustable so they grow with your baby!!

Now Mothercare selling Charlie Banana buy 1 get 1 free at $19.90. Worth buying! Is reusable swim diaper recommend by alot mummies.

I got a reusable one from qoo10 which can be adjusted to grow with the child. Less than $10. But haven't try it yet.

U can request for sample from Huggies website. Or u can try purchasing from Carousell where ppl selling loss pieces.

Disposable swimming diapers can be bought at supermarkets, for reusable ones can try carousell, spring, Mothercare.

Just to add on, you may get them on carousell, as some babies outgrown them & parents wanna sell at a loss.

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We bought swim diapers from Huggies at toys r us. There are 12 diapers in a Pack and cost about $16

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