Multivitamin - first time mom

Hi all, Would like to ask what brand of vitamins would doctor normally prescribe or advised to buy?i have read up online saying that too much vitamin A is not good. Thanks

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Hi, Generally your gynae will advise you on what kind of vitamins you need as the requirement also varies from person to person for the vitamins

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Your gynae will be able to prescribe you the right supplements. Or you can get these from tHe pharmacist

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Blackmores is a good brand but gynae may ask you to buy from their pharmacy

Not sure about brand but gynae will recommend what you need

Was given New Obimin and Natalcare Plus Fish Oil from kkh.

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Take prenatal multivitamins from gnc or shaklee

My gynae give me obimin, calsium and fish oil


My doc give mi fish oil from GNC n obimin

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Thanks all for your advice 😁

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kkh gave me obimin fishoil and calcium