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Ntuc voucher?
Anyone can bless mi ntuc voucher? tq
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Hi... you can try posting on theAsianparent preloved baby goods FB page
Milk powder for bless?
Anyone can bless mi tis fairprice gold newborn infant formula stage 1 milk powder for my daughter? from low-income family with blue chars card, tq
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Maybe you can try carousel
How long bb grow teeth?
How long took bb to grow teetch?
Every child is different but it should be between 7 to 9 months, though my son had his when he was 5 months old and my daughter when she was 8 months old. When they start drooling a lot, teeth should
Any m size diaper for bless?
I from low-income family wit blue chars card
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What’s your address? Or can you give me your email address here? Then I’ll email you to get your address
Any used Stroller for bless?
I from low income family, staying in a one room rented hdb flat at woodlands,i have a 3month plus daughter,my husband one person work,i stay home take care my daughter
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Maybe you can try those blessing group on Facebook?
I delivery my bb on 8aug n aldy done my bb birth certificate, when will i receive my bb CDA POSB bank card?
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About 2 weeks
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abt 2wk
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Between 10 to 14 working days
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Approximately two weeks
About 2 weeks
I delivery on 8aug, n done my daughter birth certificate at kkh admission counter level 1
One month ago i at baby bonus cash gift submit my details, but i didn't submit i n my husband marriage certificate pic, can i still get the baby bonus cash gift? Who know when the baby bonus cash gift
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Newborn pamper
Wat brand to buy for newborn bb pamper? buy newborn pamper or small size pamper?
Using merries. Mamypoko is fine too.
Dun buy too many newborns, S also. Buy only if running out. Baby will outgrown it v fast. Huggies, mummy poko, pampers, Merries were good for their buttocks
Huggies for newborn diapers. My girl wore till she is 2 months. Then it became too tight for her. We changed to S size from then. We tried Merries, Pampers, Peek a Boo. I think Pampers is the best so
Get sample for your newborn baby! New born size first after 1 month change to S? Depends on your LO.
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Get 1/2 packets of newborn diapers and 3/4 packets of small size diapers
Baby bonus cash gift
I apply baby bonus cash gift one month ago,y my application some successful n some not unsuccessful, next month will be delivery my baby at kk woman hospital,any mummy know wat the reason?
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U don't have to edit.. After u give birth and submit your lo birth cert it will auto process if you submit application before giving birth
I think mine only got processed after baby was born. Before delivery they only allow us to submit application
Which brand newborn pamper is cheaper? Heard my friend say petpet is cheap n doesn't cause rashes, any mummy know which pamper brand cheap n doesn't cause rashes can intro mi? tq
U can try goo. N or look out for promo in qoo10
I bought goon 2 week ago.. From shoppee.. Have promo.. 1 piece around 13 cent.. Haha..! Quite cheap
Dryers is also very good
Pet pet!
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PetPet or Onwards are not bad. They both at affordable price! Try buy it from lazada, Qoo10 or Fair price Online.