Duphaston and Utrogestan

Hi all, Due to bleeding I was prescribe Duphaston since 6 weeks to 17 weeks and 18 weeks now Gynae stop Duphaston and prescribe Utrogestan due to cramps. would like to know if anyone was prescribe these 2 medication before? Is baby healthy? As I did a read up that too much of these medication can cause deform and make me worry now...

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I took duphaston too when I found out I was pregnant. Now I'm at 24 weeks and my gynae asked me to take utrogestan after finishing duphaston. He said these meds are 安胎药 and it relax the uterus.

Yes Duphaston is to protect miscarriage of baby. It’s known as 安胎药 in Chinese. Take them if you have been prescribed. I took them when I was around your pregnancy time too.

12mo ago

Hello i saw ur comment and read it. Im at 5 weeks now my gyne prescribe me this since i got spotting and like bleeding even i test positive. I alrdy use 2 tablet at night bed time but still i have cramps and bleeding but bleeding that its not strong its like end of the period looks like. But i can still feel the cramps. My gyne ask me to come back next week for another check up i wonder if i will come back another 2 weeks time since at ultrasound cant find anything just thick lining as he said or early pregnancy or misccariage.

I took both before! From week 5 till week 20. Its to stabilise the pregnancy. Don't worry too much esp if its prescribed! Baby is and will be healthy. :)

2y ago

Maybe 5 weeks still can’t see yet... I only did my scan on 6 weeks... dont worry

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Don't worry too much. If gyane approve the medicine, it is fine.

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If u prefer u can change your gynae get second opinion