Do you let your kids play with China made toys?

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Yes, now a lot of items are made in China so it’s hard to totally avoid it. But I only allow toys of those international brands, at least there will be certain standard of quality control. Not those made in China Chinese brands.

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Yes why not. Most items are made in china now. even expensive brand’s like vtech or leap frog is also made in china. most importantly, check if the finishing is smooth, any sharp edges or loose parts dangling

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There is nothing wrong with "made in China" toys, just check the toy to make sure there is no piece that may danger the children. Many toys can brand from Europe/UK/USA but made in China too.

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Yes why not ? As nowadays majority of the things are made from china. And even brands from western are also items made from China. But of course do check out what toy are they playing ..

Is not easy to avoid even if we get the toys from other countries but the manufacture country will usually be in China

Yes, why not? i guess it depends on what toy it is. there are so many things made in china now.


yes, but before that I make sure that they are not painted with LED Paints or harmful materials

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Super confused. Arent most of our things made is china? Even baby bed, mattress, I etc

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Yup! Unfortunately hard to avoid. This is her latest Favourite made in China toy ;)

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Yes. In fact alot of toys sold in places like kiddy palace are made in china