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hi any lazy mum like me who doesnt exercise during pregnancy?

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Me at first and second trimester, but diagnosed with GDM so no choice have to at least take 30 mins brisk walking every evening. Lol. with some exercise also will build up stamina for giving birth later on.

I make it a habit to walk enough and rest and continue to walk. My work requires me to sit in front of pc the whole day, so i guess i will try to walk around in the office hahaha.

Me! I am under high risk pregnancy. Need lots of bed rest. Hopefully we won't have a hard time delivering. Usually those who exercise more can deliver easier I heard.

Doing house chores such as vacuum, moping or wash toilet also count as exercise! Don't be too hard on yourself as long as mummy and baby are healthy!

just sleep as much as you can trust me when little one come you need aloooot of energy relatives can help but you are the milk producer 😉

Only walking. Even if i just bend a few times to pick things up i will get breathless 😅. Always feeling tired as well...sigh

4y ago

Turning 32 weeks. I just don't know how i become so tired, i will feel sleepy at around 1pm even if i wake up at 9am

Ha, this is fair! It's hard enough carrying that weight around! Try and do a little walk a day if you can

Me! Did nothing at all for the whole 34 wks. Don't foresee myself starting now till I'm due😆

3y ago

thanks for yr info 😊 congrats to u too

me. I try to walk around my house if not I'm either sleeping or sitting on the couch watching TV LOL

Me! But I try to take short walks around the park everyday in preparation for the delivery