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I am excited for my first baby!

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Any mummies under private at Nuh?

Able to share the estimated package cost and the doctor you are with? I am considering to change to private.
Wat s e diff?

What are the questions to ask doctor during the first scan?

Share your questions please~ :)
Is baby healthy? What are vitamins I need? As long as baby scan is good, I am happy :)
1. Crown Rump Length 2. Placenta Position 3. Physical Activities 4. Travel possible via Flight ? 5. Medications 6. Food / Discomforts 7. NiPt tests ( Harmony )

Feeling tired and sleepy, hungry all the time....

What do you mummies do when you are feeling tired sleepy and hungry, in spite you have eaten. and you fell asleep without realizing How to keep ourselves awake at work?
Take some mint sweet, stretch, and walk around

Do you tell your parents/inlaw that you are pregnant or only when you are 3months?

worrying about parents/in-laws go around telling friends and relatives. but the other hand, just can’t wait to share the good news with them.
I did tell them. But also told them not to spread out first. Usually elderly won’t spread the news first until after 1st tri

Can i do classic mani/pedi with no colors during pregnancy?

issit ok to do during pregnancy?
Yes, you can but not advisable

I used to love slice soup fish but now...

Is it normal that I can't finish one serving of slice fish soup when I used to love them so much? I used to finish everything and now I hardly been able to finish it, I felt a lil awful half way eat
Yes v normal.

How many weeks can we expect to see the little bump?

I see some mummies has a little bump as fast as 6 weeks...
For mine isn’t really visible till the 6-7mth but it varies for diff person !

Do you take any medication to clear your phlegm during pregnancy?

Hi everybody, could you share some remedy to clear the phlegm during pregnancy? If don’t want to take any medication?
Steam white radish with honey