Tired lazy

Is it normal to be tired/lazy everyday when you are pregnant(first trimester) for me I just want to sleep or lie down.

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yes normal, I was like that too during first trimester. Get plenty of rest while you can. I miss those pregnancy days when I can actually sleep through the night without worrying about anyone or anything else haha


Super normal. Listen to your body, and nap if you need to. Your body’s gearing up to grow an entire human being, it’s bound to get exhausted. It gets better once you go into 2nd trimester. Enjoy!


Hi yes it is totally normal and nothing to worry. It is good to take rest during the first trimester as this is when the baby implants itself strongly in our uterus. Take care.

it is very normal! even til now(im due in a month's time) i always feel tired 24/7😂 just listen to your body, rest as & when you need👍🏻

i was just like you!!!!! same feeling will come back towards end of 3rd tri zzzz

Yes it is normal. Please take more rest as first trimester is very important :)

yes fatigue is very normal