Workout /exercise during pregnancy

Hi mommies ❤️.. any mom's here do exercises during pregnancy? I'm very active person before pregnant. But now I'm at 16+weeks and so lazy to do exercises. But my body feel heavy and weak 😅.. is squat good in 2trimester?

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Same here,was an active person prior pregnant. Hubby signed me up for pre-natal personal training to keep me active ever since I entered 2nd trimester and because,they are more professional-knowing what exercises benefits the most for me. every mummy's body is different so my personal trainer do plan out a personalised workout for me.😊Currently,I'm already in 35 weeks, still having training.🤭 if you're keen, you can sign up for their trial. I'm happy to share their contact with you. ❤

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me too i feel the same, i was doing high intensity exercises before pregnancy! but i had some light bleeding and was told to rest in bed, so didn’t dare to exercise too much throughout my pregnancy. can try doing light half squats instead, safer :)

Can try yoga, pilates or swimming.