Lately I feel that my wife is paying too much attention on our newborn. So much so that she doesn’t even say goodbye to me when I leave for work. How do I tell her that I feel neglected?

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write a note and share with her how you feel help.her with her chores. before you leave make.the first step go and hug and kiss her. she maybe overwhelmed with the duties and role as a mother.

Just go right up to her and say what you gotta say, I k ow she'll understand but talk to her in a discrete manner, not in a tackless kind of way ^^_

This is so cute! Your wife is busy handing your child. Well. instead of getting her to say good bye, you can walk towards her and give her a kiss and say bye! :) She will feel ur love and probably get your hint too.

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Need to talk to ur wife directly, men. You so sweet 😊

How sweet. It's normal for mommies to put all their attention to their newborns. Try to talk it out with her 🥰 I'm sure she wasn't aware of your feelings since she's been too busy with the baby and all

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Lucky man , I hope I have that problem too someday

At first, be reasonable. Then talk to your wife.... 😁

new born needs more attention, for now understand the situation first, eventually will change.

Talk to her. She's probably overwhelmed with baby duties.