Last october 8 my partner confessed that he had a child with his ex. He said that his ex told him about her condition when she's 6-7 mos pregnant. I was shattered but we decided to hold on to each other. Have we made a wise decision?

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Hmmm... Well! If he did not actually know till so late, then I do not think he can be blamed. Though, it is a complex situation to be in and to remain completely sane and then taking the right decision is quite a big deal. I think, you made a right decision though, if you have faith in your partner. But do not forget, the child is his as well, so at one point or the other he would be attached to him or would have responsibility towards him, so do not expect a life where you have just your own issues to deal within the relationship.

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Thank you mam.. When I decided to take him back I'm aware that it wouldn't be an easy road but I believe he deserves a chance and I can see that he's sincere. The challenge is on dealing with the kid without giving the ex a hope that she can have my man. She's still bitter that she didn't succeed of taking him away and she has to stay as a single mother. I have nothing against the kid since he's already there but we are having a difficult time dealing with the mother. She has not moved on yet and i'm afraid she's trying to use the kid to get what she wants.

If you are ready for a relationship where there will be an ex's presence perhaps always because there is also the baby in question who belongs to your partner as well, then go ahead. Else, I think it is quite a taxing situation to be in, as you don't know how your partner's loyalties would change and you never know for the sake of child, he would want to get back to his ex. You know your partner well, so just try to see through him. Be futuristic, and try to gauge the situation, and accordingly make a decision.

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