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my due will be in another 2months and i noticed i've been so emotional and cried easily over petty matters lately. i supposed to have a movie night with him tonight but he suddenly spoke about his tight budget even it's only 2nd of the month while we walk to the cinema (he knew that i hate it when he start to whine about it, and every time he said we might not survive the month, we managed to SURVIVE!) . i felt so irritated and suddenly my tears burst out. he acted normal as if there was nothing happened and try to have a conversation with me but i told him straight that i don't want him in my sight right now; he left me crying alone at the walkway. and there goes my movie night. i get emotional so easily and even thinking to leave the house. ???

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Salam mommy.. sy cdgkan kalau tiap kali rs mcm tu, banyakkan istifar. perasaan sensitif mmg x leh nk bendung. sm mcm sy jugak. kami suami isteri LDR.. Mostly vcall, chat. kdg2 chat lain, maksud lain pun gaduh berhari. bila difikir2 smula, hal kecik je. kdg2 suami x cerita susah mreka. percy lah, dorang lg pening bila kita ni dah nak bersalin. hrp awk tabah ye mami. kdg2 bukan kita yg nak nangis or kecik hati. mmg dh lumrah jiwa sensitif saat pregnant. have a nice day๐Ÿ˜Š..

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alololo.. hehe.. rileks Mommy.. sy faham. saat2 mcm ni la kita nak dimanja, nak lebih perhatian.. sy pun dah nk bersalin. in sha Allah bulan depan. tahu sgt perasaan tu mcm mn. takut lah, ape la. bila suami mcm acuh x acuh, kecik ht len mcm.. xpela Mommy,try tenangkan hati dulu. jgn overthinking. mungkin hubby mommy pun tgh kusut. masing2 kasi ruang dulu. dua2 api mmg xleh jalan. hehe