Isit normal that 8 mths 4 days old not able to sit by her own and not able to crawl yet?

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Every baby diff. Give more tummy time.

Every child is different..If the pd didn't raise any concern during the routine checks then should be fine..

Hey, Every baby's development pace is different but still would be better to consult your PD for this and be double sure on your baby's growth parameters

My kid doesn't crawl. She walks right awae when she's 1 yr old.

Crawling is not an issue. Should be able to crawl by 1 yr old. But need to consult to ur PD reagarding sitting milestone. As I know 8 months still cant sit is a bit concern to me. Do u practise sitting with ur baby? Try it everyday. Also at this age, they should be able to stand (with support). All their body's weight is focus on the foot at least for a few second

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12mo ago

Hi she is able to sit unassisted but need us to put her on sitting position can't sit up by herself is that fine?

idk about the sitting by her own, maybe you can ask a PD? but its normal if baby doesnt crawl yet at 8 months. babies all develop differently :) mine crawl at 10 months

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Better to get evaluated by doctor. Crawl maybe not but should sit on her own.

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It's possible, my son did not sit on his own and did not crawl much. He just started to walk before turning 1.

12mo ago

He is so chubby and heavy.

Better consult a pedia

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Possible... Mine too... Do consult doctor