Im worried. My baby hasn't sit on his own or start to crawl.

My son is already 7months old. And he has yet to crawl or sit up on his own without support. I put him to sit with a back support, he sit awhile then drop. And he have not started to crawl yet. I am worried.#1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby

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Hello Mummy! I feel u! My baby girl now is already coming 11 months old but she doesn’t crawl, hates tummy time.. Hubby and Teachers all keep insisting that she must go through those stage and I understand where they comes from but I rather my baby be happy to choose what she wants at this stage rather than keep crying whenever we forced her.. and look! My baby was able to stand and walk with our support now and she’s so much happier this way.. So, just relax abit.. Let your son takes his time as all babies growing/development are different.. You can try practicing more with him like I practiced standing w my baby for a week before she can really stand more than 1 min.. Keep fighting mummy! 💪🏻

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Every baby has different development milestone. My daughter is 10 months and recently just on her fours, can't crawl steadily too. No rush, they will get there eventually.

pls don’t worry.. each baby will develop in their own time!! don’t rush them. my 7 month old can’t crawl too. have you tried practicing with him everyday?