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FTM here, usually what home clothes do you use when youre back home from delivery and all the way till your confinement ends ? Do you still stick to your normal tshirt & pants? Do we necessarily need to use long sleeve top & pants during confinement ? Since singapore weather can be really heaty Or just dress normally like how we usually do at home #advicepls #firsttimemom

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Hi there! I found it a hassle to wear usual clothes at home e.g. tee pants/shorts. Im fully breastfeeding so i opted to wear a tie dress/kimono or in my case mostly kain batik. Reasons are its dang hot nowadays and laundry piles up alot with baby clothes swaddles ur own and hubby too. But during confinement i just put on a hoodie and socks and home slippers. I guess its to keep the body warm according to practices but i gave up at week three haha. U do u but do consider if u wanna stick closely to our elder practices because some of them really are beneficial but no proven studies of course. 😃

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i just wear normal tee & pants after 10 days cuz urgh the weather wah cannot!! and cuz it's easier to breastfeed. just bring your socks to the hospital and wear them when you're gg home. just wear smth comfortable.

my sis wore her normal home clothes, t shirt and shorts as she is afraid of the heat. she tries to avoid wind blowing at her and when going out, she wears pants.

I bought button PJs. Short sleeve and shorts for day time, long sleeve and long pants for night time (aircon room).

I had c sec so I wore long and loose fitting dresses. Wore long pants too for the first two weeks of confinement

I was wearing rayon night wear from tekka market n shopee. I wore with socks. That’s abt it.


PJs with button down top for easy bf

I wore normal clothes


t shirt and shorts