Is it okay to drink milo for pregnant women?

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Is Milo good for pregnant women? I would say Milo for pregnant women is not bad - but as with all good things, too much of it can be bad. So I would advise limiting your intake daily of milo. You wouldn't want to consume too much sweets that your baby might get too big and you'll end up needing a cesarean

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I had milo everyday while pregnant. No issues for me. Though be careful of the high sugar content. Some women are also fearful because milo has vitamin a - which we should not be having too much off in pregnancy. But the amounts in milo are way too small to really be worried about.

Sugar content is too high and not healthy, can lead to Gestational Diabetes. If you crave for Milo, can get the less sugar version or buy a sugar free choco powder like Hershey or Van Houten and mix with small amount of sugar and add fresh milk for healthier option.

I had Milo with oatmeal almost everyday during my first trimester. It helped me keep my stomach full while I couldn't eat well because of morning sickness. But as everyone mentioned, be sure not to make it way too sweet which might harm your baby.


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I had bleeding when I drink caffeinated drinks during first trimester. Milo also😑. So need to be careful if there is any bleeding, I would suggest to stop drinking Milo, coffee or tea. At least until your second trimester.

It is fine to drink Milo. If you are worried about the caffeine contain in MILO, it contains 0.01-0.02g caffeine/100g MILO. Pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to less than 0.2g per day, and thus MILO is safe.

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Er, why not? Yes, it is okay to drink milo. It helps especially during the first trimester where you puke so much and have no appetite for anything. Crackers and a cup of hot milo is comfort food.

Sye dah nak masuk dua bulan lebih x period.. Dah try pregnant test tapi negatif.. Lagipun sye xde morning sick pun.. Tapi lama tak datang bulan lah.. So tu ada kemungkinan sye pregnant ker ?

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Refer doc

not so much because it contains caffeine. and caffeine could cause low HB (anemia). my hb was low for both of my pregnancy because of milo. when i lessen my milo drink intake, my hb got normal again.