Drinks milo

Hi everyone , is it ok for pregnant mom to drinks milo?

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I cant drink milk cos it cause me diarrhoea. So I can only drink hot milo, especially when I need to wake up to eat in midnight. I drink it everyday.

Yup, i had it everyday as that was the only drink i was craving for and keep down without vomitting. I limit it to once a day.

i drink it! infact my fav!! lol but when come to ogtt got to slow down abit! heheh

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Drink in moderation cause it is sweet... may affect your OGTT / GD at later stage


Of course. But don’t drink too much. Drink in moderation

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I drink it every day from first trimester to last.

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Yes. Moderation. 2-1 Milo not too sweet.

Yes it is OK, but in moderation :)

Yes milo is totally fine to drink

Ofcuz I almost drink everyday