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Is it okay to drink Milo once a day during 1st Tri? Feeling nausea whenever i drink water. So need to find sth to replace.

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Hi! I had the same problem too but i switched to cold water. If cold water isnt available, my next go to would be sparkling water( Perrier) as it helps me burb n ease my nausea for awhile. Ribena works for me too! Stick to e less sugar ribena would be ideal.

I've been drinking Milo from first trimester till now. I'm about 36 weeks now! Everything is fine, just watch your sugar level intake although I personally don't because I do not have any medical issues. Good luck, mommy!

For 1st Tri its not a good idea to take Milo. It contain caffein as well. I ask my nurses yesterday they said it will drop your hb and raise your sugar. Its not good for you and your bby.

Yes been drinking Milo with brown rice + oats since Week 3! It does help with my nausea. But best to monitor your sugar level if there is any existing medical condition.

It depend... For me my gynae ask me avoid milk product including milo coz I'm more on the plus size side, afraid I put on a lot of weight

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Sure, why not? But i guess i will go for less sweet option, or their "plain" powder cuz i find it sweet enough for me already.

Can! I drank that during my first tri, but i will take milo kosong. But pls take in moderation because of the sugar level

Drinking Milo moderate it’s ok. Try taking hot/warm water, i can’t take cold / room temperature water 😅

Yes, drink whatever you want to make yourself better (as long as it’s not alcohol). Moderation is the key 😂

Yes But watch the sugar Try infusing fruits veg into water Sparkling water also works for me

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