Drinking Milo

Is it okay to drink Milo once a day during 1st Tri? Feeling nausea whenever i drink water. So need to find sth to replace.

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Yes, drink whatever you want to make yourself better (as long as itโ€™s not alcohol). Moderation is the key ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Yes and it will make u less hungry

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Yes u can

Yup can!

Why not? It's not caffeinated wad.

5mo ago

It can take 3 4hours before having importnt meal. Moderate

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Yes. Avoid 3 in 1 though

Can! I drank that during my first tri, but i will take milo kosong. But pls take in moderation because of the sugar level

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Try milo low sugar

I drink milo too. Will always order milo kosong :)