How Many Times Do You Have Sex With Your Partner Every Week?

In the beginning, sex was exciting and something couples do quite a fair bit. For my partner and myself, we would have sex almost everyday. But that has dwindled down to once a week and we’ve been together for 3 years now. How often do you and your husband/wife have sex in a week? Is there a “normal” number? Do you compare how many times you have sex with other couples?

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I dont think there’s a certain benchmark and that there’s a certain level of ideal frequency and all that. I think what should matter is if whether both of you want to do it as often or as seldom. What i can say for sure is that there will be dry spells but it shouldnt worry you as long as you keep an open communication with your spouse. To answer your question though, it’s once to twice a week on a good work week, if not then it’s pretty much when we have the energy.

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These days, just about 3 times weekly. It's hard to do it every day! I prefer to sleep!

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once or twice weekly.

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Once or twice a week