How many times will you have sex with your partner in a month ?

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Once a week before preg #1. Then dun have till #1 8mo. Nw preg #2 same husband mind got barrier, tried to rape him but unsuccessful. I did tell him is ok even with all proof & example. 😂

2y ago

oh gawd hahahahhaha

Almost every time...we are active together even when hubby is tired from basically all the time , i will feel neglected if he doesnt want to..we have two boys now , #1 age 5 #2 age 10mths

Not as often as before we had our child.. we both are too tired. Bt this cycle has to stop as we are trying for a second child plus we are getting older...

Used to have it once or twice a week before pregnant. After pregnant, 2-3 weeks once.. Now, too tired after long day of looking after baby..

used to be 4-5times a day before i know i was pregnant, then tone down to once week in 3rd trim. now 3 months pp, haven't start yet hahaha

Recently not even anymore. used to be thrice a day, once a day, few days once, once a week, now, I don't even remember when was the last.

5y ago

WHOA - 3x a day!!!

No more mood. Until he starts treating me like a human, there will be no sex. He can find another woman, or a cow.

5y ago

ouch. Hope things are better between you and ur husband.

Yes Carla, breakfast, lunch, dinner. now barely anymore!! i don't know what happened. no mood at all. :(

Yes thrice a day! it was supposed to be breakfast, lunch and dinner. lol honeymoon nia

Once or twice a month after had baby. It seems like both of us have no time at all.