Sex with in-laws around

How do your initiate sex to your spouse if you are staying with parents or in a big family setting?

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We used to close the door and lock silently and switch off the light then turn on the tv volume louder than usual lol but u know what? I think it's even more obvious that we were gonna have sex. So now we just don't turn on the tv volume loud and try not to make too much sounds.

I stay with my in-laws. Usually we lock the door and try not to make a loud noise . Sometimes i feel that they know but they won’t bother us because we’re married . But we need to respect people in the house by not taking shower together.

Im living with my inlaws too and my hubby and I bath together. As long as you are not sharing the same bedroom with them you can always have sex whenever you want. Just lock the door. Haha

Movie time under the sheets. No need to care about other stuffs. I mean hello...we are adults.

We still have our own bedroom, so is fine, close door then everything can be done 🤓

I will on movie or music cause my bed will moan den my wife

stay within the room.. try not to be too noisy.. haha

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Quiet in room hahha.. After all we are all adults... LOL

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Just get it on. Nothing to be ashamed of. You’re married.

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I agree. Nothing to be ashamed of. Having sex is part and parcel of marriage life. Don’t worry about what others think. Just do it as much as you both want.

Choose Super late hours when everyone’s asleep?