I'm on week 39 day 2. No signs of labour and my last check up, my gynae told me my cervix has yet to open up. Can I just go to the hosp today and get myself induced?

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if you can wait, wait for doctor's advice. i went for induced on my 40weeks exact bc still 0cm dilated. after 12hrs, only 1cm. other than that, i could only bear the first 4-5hrs of pain of the induced meds. i quickly asked for pain control options and brought down to labour ward. the whole process is very tiring. by the time you need to push, you run out of energy. so my advise, wait if you can. if can go without induced, better. bc if your pain tolerance is very low, you might have to take epi and the side effects EW even post delivery now EW other than than, just walk arnd, squats, light exercise and stuff. it doesn't work on me but it may work on you. every pregnancy is diff. goodluck mummy.

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I got myself induced 😊 and it was successful. Different people , different opinion. If you can wait... you wait 😊 As for me , I was so excited and I've selected certain date to give birth. As long as the baby is healthy and full term... can come out anytime alr

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Agree with Mummy D. If its not high risk, u can actually just wait for baby naturally. Ur almost there! I know at this point, u might be tired of being pregnant and excited to meet baby. Perhaps baby is too comfortable inside, but definitely coming out anytime now!

i went to the hospital myself and told them that i'm worried if anything happens to my baby as i was already 40 weeks exact at that time.Doctor gave me a check and decided to induce me cause my baby too shiok already inside,he don't want to come out drink milk

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If the baby is not at risk, you can just hang in there, enjoy your LO while he/she is in your tummy and continue to talk to him/her. Not all inductions are successful; might end up c-sect like me.

I am wk 39 and baby is 3.6kg. No signs of labour at all. Should i induced as i am trying for natural birth.

8mo ago

im week 40+3 and my baby est 3.6-3.7kg.. still waiting for baby to come out.. quite nervous wanna birth naturally tho

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Urgghhh induce hurtsssss... ur almost thr .. u shud rest while u can

12mo ago

After my membrane sweep, my mucus plug dropped a few hrs after dat n i had full blown contractions.. all in 24hrs lol

Me I been waiting my baby is coming out it's ready 39weks today

I feel the same