Induced at 38 weeks?

I'm at 38 weeks currently, tmr will be my check up. My last check up was last week, gynae did cervix check and mentioned that my cervix is soft & I'm 3cm dilated. Yet to feel contractions up till today. Can I request to be induced tmr during my check up? I'm feeling so tired alr... 😣

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I was immediately admitted at 3cm dilation with mild bleeding for 1st preg at 38.5 weeks. no contraction feel at all on every 20 min interval. gynae broke waterbag to expedite labour. bb came out within 8hours 2nd preg. 3cm dilation with severe bleeding at 35 weeks 2 days. on drip to delay contraction as it is on 5 to 8 min. no feel. both time opt for epidural

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3cm dilated n u r still not admitted???? it's quite dangerous 😳. anytime dilate faster. some of them won't have symptoms also. like mine i don't have any symptoms. I just had contraction pain. my gynae helped me to break water.

2y ago

I see. Yup I've been walking and doing squats but still nothing 🙃 I'll try ask gynae tmr if can be induce. Thanks mummy!

Perhaps you’ve got a higher pain threshold or your contractions are still bearable which is great! We’re you considering pitocin or just labour augmentation to speed things up like breaking your water bag?

same here.. I have doctor check up tmrw.. I m thinking ask doctor to induce

1y ago

39 week still cervix not opened doc asked me admit on 7th to induce.