Inducing at week 39

Today went for my check up. Scan baby check weight and heart beat. Every thing is good. As i am at week 38, doctor check cervix totally haven’t open , baby ald full term and weight at 3.05kg. So next week doctor ask to see again see if cervix open or not then on the day of my appointment i can already go for induce.. my edd is 6 oct.. me n hubb y agreed on inducing one week earlier.. i think also is about time to welcome our baby.

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Went for my checkup today as well, I’m 39 weeks, cervix still tightly shut 😞 my edd next week 29th Sep, and I’m also heading back on this day to check again.

9mo ago

Wow! Same edd, yup he did mentioned if next week no progress we gonna induce 😞

Same here 😣 I’m already at 39 3. Requested to induce earlier but doc doesn’t want to. So here I am waiting for my next appt.

9mo ago

Nevertheless, let’s do our best! Walk more, bounce on the yoga ball. Just a little bit more mummies 💪🏼