Hi im in my 14 weeks pregnancy.. this is my first pregnancy and im 35 this year.. gynae suggested me to take the aspirin due to my age.. has anyone consumed this during pregnancy? Any side effects to mum and/or baby so far?

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I'm few years older than you and my doc didn't ask me to take aspirin due to my age. I was advised to take the pre eclampsia test and he mentioned aspirin will be prescribed if the results are not good. Results turn out ok so I didn't have to take. Suggest you go for the pre eclampsia test to decide.

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2y ago

Hi, what is the preeclampsia test? It is not detailed unltrasound screening right?

im 35 and i took aspirin from week 12 onwards. my panorama test is very low risk but from the ultrasound scan, my blood vessel is thin, so gynae played safe to ensure blood flow is enough to flow to baby. just be careful not to get cut. no side effect for me.

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I took aspirin frm 12th wk to 35th wk due to background history of pre eclampsia in my first pregnancy.. I didnt get pre e for the rest of my subsequent pregnancies

Maybe ask for second opinion. My friend got pregnant at age 38 but she only took duphaston as she had previous miscarriage.

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usually gynae prescribed aspirin because the baby growth is below normal due to placenta not providing the baby

3y ago

maybe u can go to other gynae for second opinion

Seek a 2nd opinion from another gynae .

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It’s okay to take. But just be careful not to injure yourself because your blood is thinner. Also, take the medicine to protect your stomach from ulcers, and if you have severe tummy pain or blood in your stools, seek medical attention immediately.

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It should be OK, your gynae should kNow what's best for you(:

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It’s normal and fine. It helps with thinning blood so that blood flow to baby is ok. Small dose one tablet per day is ok.