Hypertension medicine (Aspirin) during pregnancy to prevent preeclampsia

Dear all, Does anyone of you being advised by gynae to start taking Aspirin from week 12 onwards for the sake of preeclampsia prevention. I am 38yo with 13wks+ pregnancy. My gynae has prescribed me with Cardiprin 100mg (a type of Aspirin) to start with everyday untill further notice. I am not hypertension nor diabetes, and my blood pressure has always normal. According to my gynae, most of the pregnant women starts to develop hypertension symptoms or preeclampsia from 5months (even she's one normal), peculiarly for women over 35 yrs. Hence, my gynae advised me to take the Aspirin now due to my age as a preventive measure, it'll be too late to take any medicine when the hypertension/ preeclampsia comes in later. Though i was told it's pretty safe to go with it, still there are concerns like any side effect (i have nvr taken Aspirin on a daily basis for a continuous period), to baby as well. Will it cause early birth, etc? I read some article says that the Aspirin needs to be ceased during last trimester, otherwise it may cause some birth complications. Also, it should be a low dosage Aspirin of 80mg, but mine is 100mg. Would like to hear advices from mummies who had this also. Thanks.

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I was given 100mg and start eating since wk16-wk35++ and I am 33yo with no diabetes & hypertension. I got pre eclampsia at week34, warded in Hosp for 2 weeks and my girl was induced at wk36. I stop my aspirin few days before I was induced. Although I still get pre eclampsia eventually, mine is a “late” pre eclampsia and I’m grateful. I see some that pre eclampsia hit at week 20++ and is very scary. Although my girl is a preemie , she is very healthy. Aspirin is useful to delay / prevent pre eclampsia. Pre eclampsia is no joke and is a matter of life & death for your child & you. So pls listen to ur gynae

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I’m 34 and was also prescribed with aspirin 150mg after my 1st trimester screening as a preventive measure. My bp has always been normal too. During my 24th wk, I failed my OGTT test. I’m now in wk30 and so far so good. So side effect for me. I rem you have to stop the aspirin medicine 2 weeks before childbirth and always inform people that you are on aspirin when you draw blood, dental appointment and injection etc.

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im 7 months pregnant and my OB gyne advised me to consume till emd of March. My BP is normal by 130/70 or 80 , just yesterday its 130/60. im 40 years old with a twin. actually im having a swelling of feet from my 5th month, this what my doctornis worrying, so she advised me to continue the aspirin till end March, aside of not taking salt in all of my meals.

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Ive taken aspirin for 2 pregnancies all the way till 35th wk to prevent preeclampsia.. n it did. Gave birth to 2 healthy term babies

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Ok. Tks.

Yes. I did, and continue all the way down to road based on obgyn instruction. So far, there's no side effects observed.

Mine is ivf bb so from start, i have been asked to take aspirin till 10wks plus now. I took 100mg aspirin daily

if gynae said ok, means ok. its for you and baby safety. to ease your mind, clarify your doubts with yr gynae

Doc prescribed me 100 mg aspirin when I’m 12 weeks pregnant. Mine is ivf bb and also due to my age (38).

i was just prescribed cardipirin from 21 wks to 36 weeks. to prevent blood clots.

Hi, did u take aspirin in the end? If you hadn’t, were there any issues?