Personality clashes with in laws

I’m having trouble adapting to my wife’s family. My family is more reserved and only talk about topics that matter, while hers just keeps talking non stop about every small little issues. She also expects me to be the same and care about the topics in discussion. Sometimes they just talk so loudly over each other that I feel like I’m draining out. Can someone advise how I should handle this?

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I'm an introvert too so I get how you feel. Being around extroverted people can be very draining. Do you live with your wife's family? Is it possible to distance yourself once in a while to recharge? Having lots of personal me time is very important. After you're fully recharged and in a good mood perhaps you can try engaging in the conversation, or even just listen without participating. Best of luck!

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Perhaps you can have a good talk with your wife, tell her exactly how you feel. I think it's better to sort this out asap before it blows into something bigger and that could be even more awkward. Good luck!

Just be yourself, we don't grow up in their family, they shouldn't expect you to be just like them. Of course you have to try, at least a little. Otherwise tongues will wag.

It’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed (we have all been there 😆). Try to join in the conversation too? It’s a good way to bond with the family.

Everyone is different, so just sit there and listen...No need to contribute if you don't want to but don't let them feel you're not interested

Try to contribute more to the conversation.