Any parents stay on Husband and Wife Relationship because of kids and don't talk to each other ? Only necessary then talk or Ask helper/kids to pass the message? The more I talk the more quarrel. He is this kind that want to control everything and financially didn't support the family. Almost all eat at home and expenses mostly come out from me. He just know how to criticise and didn't involve much with kids. I feel of giving up but i worry the impact on kids.impossible to talk more with him. He just want to scold me if he see things not right. Quiet and don't talk it is actually good for family and kids didn't see. He purposely want to make me angry sometime to the extend that try to provoke me. I feel helpless but stay on quiet so that I am happier but in my heart I am not happy.

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This is unhealthy mama. Have you tried couple Counselling?