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When I was pregnant with my 1st, I stayed with my in laws. They were happy that I was pregnant their 1st grandchild, however they don’t bother caring about my well being. They don’t ask how’s my pregnancy is like, whether I’ve eaten well or not, I just felt like a total stranger in the house. But when my 1st is born, they carry him highly telling everyone that he’s is grandson. I felt so disheartened and taken aback. I felt like without me carrying him for 40 weeks he won’t exist in this world. Now that I’m pregnant my 2nd, I decided to stay with my parents. With my parents I’m well taken care of. Recently we went holiday with my in laws, unfortunately I feel terribly sick. I was not eating well and so worried about my pregnancy, but they don’t even ask about me, at all! I was so sad. All they do is play with my 1st but also never feed and take care of him properly. During the trip I felt so depressed and helpless. Sometimes I don’t know how to react towards them. All I care is about my well being right now. But I just feel overprotective over my kids cause they don’t care about me when I’m pregnant carrying their grandkids. But when they’re born they think they’re the best. Anyone felt the same way as I do? How should you then react? 😔

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could it be that they are not the kind who express their concern out loud? my mil loves my kids n she is the kind who buy stuff unnecessarily for them and play with them. but feeding etc is still done by me as my kids only want me. during my pregnancy they also don't ask abt my health or if I have eaten whereas my mum will check on me, cook bird nest etc. I think it's ok as I'm not their daughter and they may not know what I like and does not show the same affection as our own parents. as long as there is mutual respect and understanding its fine. sometimes we adjust our expectations and we will feel better. ps. I don't ask if they have eaten well either before I'm pregnant so I don't expect it from them regardless whether I'm preg or not

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You should speak this with your spouse and let him know how you feel about his parents. Esp. now that you are carrying your 2nd child. The focus and attention diverts to the 1st child. And they ignore you totally without being sensitive neither caring for you. All this while, have your husband also notice the reaction that your in law has given you? Have you also try to do a nice approach of what you feel and think towards your in law? Since you are pregnant, do not feel stress and pain too much as this will affect you and your baby. Always try to be positive, take a breather and calm yourself each time you feel low and down. Take care ❤

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