Spot bleeding

Hi all, Im just curious. For the second time, I spot a little bleeding (brown colour) in the morning. I was just back from hometown and maybe a little tired. Previously, the doctor said it was normal if I spot any bleeding again (as long as its not in red colour). Is this something that is normal and I should not be worries?

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Maybe this is gonna be different for others. But, I did spot, I think, up to 3 times (different occasion). And only last a day each times. I did went to clinic for checkup, but they only scan, baby is fine, and I’m to go home with no pill. Just to get some rest. But then, I’m still too concerned and refer to obgyn, because it happens again from time to time. Turn out my cervix was soft, maybe shorten. And it’s a good thing that I refer to obgyn earlier before anything worse happen. So, what I can conclude is, spotting is a cause for worries. As long as you already go to your doctor, and they said it was fine, somewhat normal. Then, enough worrying. If the spotting happens more than the usual, idk, maybe refer to your doctor again. P/s, when the doctor scan your belly, make sure to ask if there’s any bleeding surrounding, your cervix, not just the baby.

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12mo ago

Thank you so much for the reply. I shall check again with the doctor soonest.

I also bled after came home from my hometown. Last about 4-5 day. But do see ur doc so they can provide u the progesterone pill