First time bringing my 1 year old overseas. On the plane ride, should I request for a bassinet? Or jus let my LO sit on my Lap? During take off, do I strap my LO with me under the seat belt ? Pls share as this is my first time bringing my baby on board the plane .. feeling the jitters

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In addition to what others say. I assume that you have gotten a bassinet seat that's why you can request for a bassinet. They will only give bassinet after take off and take it before touch down. Also, you need to take baby out of bassinet during turbulence. So when baby is fast asleep and during turbulence you may need to take baby out which may wake her. Bummer! But if baby is not a light sleeper then yay for you! :-) Keep your baby carrier handy just in case baby gets fidgety and you need to comfort him/ her. Bring some of baby's fave things and get the vomit bag ready as well :-) Have fun on your trip.

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i just flew with my 1 year old boy , 7-8 hrs flight to melbourne. the bassinet was good as he slept inside for the night flight. the only bad thing is when the seat belt sign is on, i had to carry him and strap him with me. but he didnt wake up cos he was too tired. i brought alot of snacks for him to chew on when he fusses on our return flight (in the afternoon) - he needed alot of entertainment. the snacks helped . be prepared to walk him down the aisle a few times when baby is feeling bored. don't worry , u will survive just fine, enjoy ur hols!

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Note that ur LO who will be1+ year may not be able to fit into a bassinet already unless he/she is petite. Cause on average a bassinet can only fit abt a 10 months old Extra baby seat belt will be provided by have to strap the LO both take off n landing For me I gave fruits to my LO during landing .. there shouldn't be much of a problem with taking off though

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Def ask for a bassinet and yes the flight attendant will give you a baby seat belt that you need to use to strap your baby to you during take off, landig and turbulence on the plane ride. Pls make sure to pack a pacifier as baby will need to suck something when taking off as his ear drums might start to hurt.

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If travel far. Have bassinet is good. I nv put my gal in the bassinet. As v mafan.. If the light on. U had to remove them from the net. Which disturb them n i dun like. I rather bb wear or juz let mingle ard the sit... Need to strap kids when the seat belt lignt is on...

Bassinet is good to put baby barangs. Even if never put Lo in most of the time. I let my Lo sit there also for a few independent moments , apparently not allowed but I wasn't informed or stopped. Bring a big bag of new toys

Some pple will plan a milk feed during the take off and the landing to clear the ears. Bring a small bag of small toys that baby can play - depending on how long ur flight is too

Baby needs to be either in a sea, extra seat belt. Safety is priority, and we need to ensure we start with the right foot. What airlines are you taking?

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Taking silkair.. so u mean bassinet is not a good idea ? My boy is quite big size so dunno can fit into a bassinet . He will be sharing seat with me so meaning I'll need to carry him throughout the flight

Get some snacks for lo to chew on during take off n landing.