Cosleep on bed

Anyone Cosleep with their baby or toddler? What do u do if they crawl around on your bed? My toddler is 13 months and start to crawl on my bed.

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Super Mum

It will only get worse from here 😅they will start jumping, crawling, wiggling around in their sleep. Mine fell down from the bed once but still didn't learn. So I finally gave up and bought those bed rails you can find on lazada. A bit inconvenient but very helpful as I don't have to worry about baby falling off the bed

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Super Mum

Time for baby to move out. Heh. It’s actually very healthy for babies to sleep in their own cot, separate from your bed. It’s also easier to sleep train and get them to self soothe.

you may want to consider to have bed gate guard if you still want the toddle to sleep With parent.

I do co-sleep with my little one when he was a newborn . Then after 3 months old , he slept on his own cot . Which i feel safer and convenient in many ways .

Super Mum

i do co-sleep with my LO. i bought the 3 sides bed guard to prevent accidents from happening

Hi, I think it is now time to get a separate cot for the baby to sleep :)


I remove my bed frame and put the play mat bedside my bed incase