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For me I first brought my girl overseas when she’s almost 2 years old. Some might say it’s too young to bring the child overseas and they won’t remember anything. Personally I believe in exposing my girl to more things from young. It’s also cheaper to bring them overseas when they are young. Till now my girl still remember vividly some memories from her first overseas trip. Every child is different, some might not adapt to the new environment. Fortunately for me, my girl is okay on flight and have no problem when we are overseas. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to bring your little one overseas? Share with me some of your interesting experience with your little one when you first brought them overseas. #1stimemom #traveling

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Super Mum

Wanted to bring my girl to Taiwan when she was around 15 months but the trip was cancelled due to covid. As long as parents are ready you can bring your child overseas whenever you want.

10mo ago

Ohnoes. By the time we can travel again your girl will be able enjoy the trip more. ☺️ Agree with you. As long as you’re prepared you can bring your child overseas whenever.