Having Intimate Time With Husband

Hyeloo Pretty Mommies. Mind sharing your thoughts. Is it OK to have intimate time with Husband during 1st trimester or better not? ??

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If it is not recommended by your gyno, then better not. If your gyno said okay, then there is no problem. Like mine last time the doc advised me not to do it everyday just once or twice in a week since i had a past miscarriage.

4y ago

Tq dear for the info 😘

im doing last time... 😅😅😅 but its better with patient n slowly...

Better not la..kalau nak juga,mintak jangan shaking kuat sgt ! Hahahah

4y ago

😂😂 haha.. yeke. tp xbrani kan awal2 ni

Kena refer doc, if doc said okay then there's no problem 😁

better not in 1trimester..it's still new..

Better not!. hehe. can start back on 3rd tri.

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Better not. In 2nd trimester will be okay.

better not during 1st trimester .

Better not...

more to not lah ,,