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Hi mommies, is 1st trimester in 7th 8 weeks is restricted to have sex with husband due to baby is still small and afraid the movement we did during sex will effect the baby? Really need to know the answer. Please advise. ??

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Tulis jawapan

to be honest i had sex during my first trimester. but not always. maybe like 2-3 times a week. the baby is protected in the amniotic sac so it will be fine. just keep in mind not to do any deep penetration or rough.asking ur doctor would be a great idea too as they would know more.hope this helps😅.

4y ago

tq for the kind advice. 😊😊

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Hi. when i was in my 11 weeks i asked my doc the question but she said there is no problem to have sex. As long as you do it once a week. Because having sex is not a major causes of a miscarriage. Having sex is 1% can cause a miscarriage. So dont worry.

4y ago

ah tq for the confirmation sis.. 😊😊

if you don't have any miscarriage history, no cramps and bleeding. sex is usually harmless for your baby. but best consult your doctor/physician/gynae for confirmation as there are individuals who had miscarriage after sex.