Half boiled eggs

Im 7 weeks and feeling slight pain at my hip can I take 2 half boil eggs to gain strength? Lately have been vomiting alot too. Thanks in advance.

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Eat in moderation. As long as your body systems can handle it, there should not be an issue. In Japan and some Asian countries, there are pregnant women who still eat raw food even though not advisable. So yeah, do everything in moderation. Listen to your body. Whatever you put into your systems, is what "happen" on the later stage. Take care😘 Be safe and enjoy the journey😘

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I think it’s better to eat hard boil eggs that are cooked? Don’t think should eat raw or even semi-raw eggs to be on the safe side!

My gynae told me to avoid half boiled egg. Eggs have to be fully cooked- no runny yolks or whites.


Always eat fully cooked food specially egg. Don’t recommend half boiled egg.

Yes I've heard that it's better to avoid half boiled. Always eat fully cooked

Its safer to take boiled eggs.. watery yolk not too good

Better to avoid . Eat fully cooked eggs is better.

Take hard boiled egg instead. : )

No raw/half cooked food.

Dont take raw food.