can i eat ramen egg ?

I knw cannot eat raw food. No half boiled eggs. How abt ramen eggs ??

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No. 1. It's not fully cooked. 2. Good ramen eggs usually are cook a day before and soak in sauce to taste better. Meaning.. You are eating not jus raw egg yolk. But also an overnight food

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If the eggs are in steaming Hot Ramen then it's ok to consume... I love Ramen too. If the eggs are organic and pesticide free then there is no issues.

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Raw and undercooked food have risk of salmonella. Doesn’t matter if it’s organic or free from pesticides.

Ramen egg is not fully cooked. i know coz i used to cook it. So eat it at your own risk.

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No. The egg yolk is quite raw, will contain bacteria. Don't chance it.

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As long as the eggs are fully cooked then it’s safe for consumption.

I avoided it as the yolk isn't fully cooked.

I avoided it as the egg is not fully cooked.

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The egg yolk of the ramen egg is still raw

Ok thanks all.... I take ur advice:)