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After birth on breastfeeding still can have coffee, chilli and half boiled eggs? Still can dye hair? What else do i need to avoid #advicepls ?

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For the first month confinement, I avoided all those not just for baby but internal healing. I had csect. But aft 1 mth, I take spicy food once in a while, so far baby ok with the breastmilk. For caffeine, need to still drink in moderation as too much caffeine can affect supply. I'm not a coffee drinker but I still see a slight dip in supply if I drink more than 2 cups of tea. Different ppl has different reaction to it. I think hair dye is ok aft birth, but I went for the ammonia free hair dye when I did it at 3 mo postpartum, just to be safe.

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I am a coffee drinker but I only drink 1 cup/day and never exceed that since the caffeine can affect your milk. I love spicy foods and I had them almost everyday! My baby is doing fine. I haven't had hard boiled egg yet and didn't dye my hair.

everything in moderation