Can I Eat Raw Ham ?

Im 10 Weeks Pregnant And This Is My First Pregnancy . The Doctors Told me Im Not allowed to eat raw food but ive been craving for hams . Just Curious Can I Eat raw Ham ?

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No, during pregnancy dont ever eat uncooked raw food or even half cooked food, only eat properly cooked food, i came across a channel in US about this pregnant lady eating medium cook meat (cooked outside uncooked inside) while dining in a restaurant and found out later baby was blind due to the meat she ate had carried some type of bacteria that causes blindness. So theres always a reason y doctors say ur are not allowed to eat raw uncooked food.

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I think can microwave the ham too. As long as u cook it abit. Hams are not fully cooked so it's best to fully cooked it before eating

You can pan fried etc but please NO NO to microwave. Microwave gives out EMF wave n it will go to our food. It's harmful for us.

No raw or processed food during pregnancy. Try to control yourself:) They contain alot of chemicals and harmful substances

As advised by your doctor, please don't eat raw food during pregnancy, and no processed food as they are too high in salt.

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No u can’t. Raw food or undercooked food plus those cold cut/deli meat u need to avoid during pregnancy, my dear.


Better not to eat as it’s not healthy but if really craving then better cook it at least. Jus eat in moderation

You can toast the ham or heat it up undr frying pan. So ham can eat, jus avoid eating them direct from fridge

Nope... better dont. But i make the ham n cheese hot in toaster or oven ... at least is fully cooked

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try eating healthy n good nutritions fds for both you and baby. Highly recommendated cooked food