Can I eat salads and sandwiches?

I know we can't eat raw vegetables, but does that mean I can't have my salads? How about picnic hams and cucumbers in sandwiches?

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Super Mum

Beat to avoid all that you mentioned. Raw vegetables and cured meats. There was an outbreak with cucumbers a couple of years back. Think it’s best not to risk baby’s health:)

Thanks everyone! I guess small amounts should be fine, and i think if I'm really gonna eat ham sandwich, I better put it in the toaster and heat it up before eating.

Super Mum

Homemade salad should be OK as long as you wash very thoroughly. Ham meat is not fully cooked so either avoid or fry it first before consuming

Super Mum

I wouldn’t eat them. It’s better not to eat any food that is exposed for a period of time unless it’s thoroughly cooked.

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Yes, you can eat vegetables raw but gotta make sure that it’s properly clean. And always eat any type of food in moderation

I only eat salad that I prepared myself! For outside food, get them from reputable places. But I'd avoid if I can.

I had salad every week - so long as from reputable shops who wash and clean the veg I think there’s low risk.

By right, yes, no raw vegetables, fish or meat, unless you’re very sure about the safety of the food

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Choose smth else other than hams as it is cold food

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I try to avoid bc not sure if they clean properly