Just curious. How come Japanese pregnant women can eat raw sashimi and their bb is still healthy?

Compared to our belief of not eating raw food when pregnant.

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I still eat regularly. As per my gynae’s wise words, as long as it’s fresh, can eat all you want but if it is NOT fresh, even if it’s thoroughly cooked, the harm to ur baby n body is worse. And mama, trust ur heightened taste bud, if not fresh, we can’t even bare to swallow. 🙃

Sashimi in japan are fresh, unlike some places in singapore they serve low grade sashimi, that may lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning may harm the baby. Fresh sashimi = No food poisoning = Can eat

My gynae actually said its okay to consume sashimi, as long as its in moderation. I believe Sg has high food hygiene standards. Just visit restaurants which are highly reputable

i heard that ones that are frozen before can be consumed because freezing kills parasitic worms

u can always try until u find out for yourself why not...


i actually did not abstain 😬